Amerika Online

How To Be An Internet Artist

Mark Amerika


1. Create a fictional identity.

2. Begin the branding process by turning this fictional identity into your domain name.

3. Register your domain name and set up an account with an Internet service provider (ISP).

4. Build a site-specific narrative mythology out of bits of data and then use the ISP to distribute this data to the niche markets that are waiting to form (digitally converge).

5. Develop unobtrusive e-commerce solutions that will enable your niche market to electronically purchase the products of your labor.

6. While continuing to build brand-name identity, do anything within your power to produce revenues that can easily be attributed to the success of your site-specific narrative mythology.

7. Reinvest all of the revenues you generate back into the research and development of your site-specific narrative mythology (as distributed from your fictional domain).

8. Use highly subversive marketing skills to attract attention to the fact that you are producing income from your narratological presence, and successfully transform that attention into its own media-virus or cultural meme that solidifies your brand-name as one of the industry leaders.

9. Achieve all of the previous eight goals in less time than it takes to develop a passionate sexual relationship with someone you love.

10. Launch your IPO.