--the agents of rudimentary banality are amongst us--in some cases sleeping in the same bed- wearing our clothing and infiltrating the coitus nature of the creative--men and women who seek the lids to biros and the boxes for dead matches-people who wish to clarify-for their own sake- the evolving form of literature--their tools sharp and quick moving titles-sub-headings and catalogues for lexicons and cliques--so fast are they to gun down an idea into formal submission so that the wounded concept can never walk freely again--there has become a referendum of knowledge as the stars are joined together to participate in murals- a twisting of the cosmos to suit a selfish and personal ideal--literature can no longer walk safely in the streets-it lives in fear of being snapped up and dissected- of being poorly mimicked- of falling ill to fumbling hands- of hurting itself on the sharpened prongs of pragmatism which carelessly lay the walkways and footpaths of Intelligentsia-that corrupt city--yet those agents who's pedestrian task it is to classify are nothing in comparison to the architects of this impoverished development--these are the true villains-the undisputable criminals of neglect--i am of course bringing to your attention the traitors of literature itself- the brutus' de biro--average writers who seek the defamation of creative- intelligent thought--people who create rough entanglements of imagination--orchestras like postgrunge and naturalism grow in chorus as the harmonies of incompetence echo boldly throughout cafes-bars-bookshops-stages-readings-magazines and more recently-the electronic media--self-indulgent epithymetics of thought--stories hopelessly searching for a subject-an idea-an ellusive construct of the author--these vacuous opus' of creation only devitalise free-innovative-thought while confirming the safety of conservatism and generally bad literature--even the avantgarde is only moments away from becoming generic-that soon it shall be reduced to eau de toilette-captured in polished glass and chrome with a pump action nozzle--this is a calling to arms-to pens and keyboards-to voices and bodies-to rise with us and defeat these agents-to destroy the very roots of this evil and stamp clean its habits--this is the bugle call of ATTACK FORCE Z--join with us and grant your aid to the construction of a new literary renaissance--



1-literary terrorism-for we must use any means at our disposal to defeat mundanity--we must use whatever resources and tactics we can to reinvent the original-the creative--we must be merciless in battle-strong in the face of fear as we deliver our work--we must strike while they are weak--we must come from nowhere and physically disappear-hiding between the faces of a crowd-while mentally and intellectually resonating in memory--

2-prose et poetry-there needs to be new destinies-new dreams--they must be well crafted--they must pertain the essence of constructive thought-of directional creativity--they must be pure and innovate--they must explore the limits of language and form-however perilous--they must indulge in only what is necessary--they must give birth to vision and insight--

3-hostage negotiation-we must on all occurrences protect and defend the ignorant-weak and lost--it is of extreme priority that unsuspecting audiences be quickly and calmly ushered to safety--saved from the unnecessary torture of archetypal performances and publications--we must remove the innocent to increase the chances of an accurate strike-to isolate the perpetrator while in the act--

4-drive-by haiku-the renaissance must be prolific--a proliferation of content must confront the general public--electronic-posters-pamphlets-graffiti-publishing-all of which are spontaneous and true to their course--all of which confirm creation--the bus stop-supermarket-street must become the audience--we shall use their temples as targets--our work must be executed with extreme prejudice--

5-performance-members must not confuse the coy word of ~confrontational~ with art--for we aim to educate-reinvent-present and establish true literature--we must perform work-monopolise readings-book launches and staged events--we must use our bodies-our physical essence-the epigenic ideal-as presence to reinforce the hermetic-the vision--we must draw attention to ourselves in every capacity--we must strike now--

--b brady--

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