In Australia, we have traditionally been seen (and seen ourselves) as the isolated continent, far from the cultural centres of Europe and the U.S. Vast distances and cultural differences between artists cause blurred, under-exposed flashes of self-definition.

The American popular culture machine is evident not only on the telescreens all around us but has, in recent years, transcended the mass media and become part of the Australian social consciousness. While the disappearance of natural spaces and species captures the media limelight, the cultural psyche too is disintegrating in rays of economic rationalism. Personal fortresses replacing the collective as artists are encouraged to strive for individual goals independent of the artistic community. Artists fall into nomadic states and are left to wander around the fringe, occasionally passing one another to make a brief camp and celebrate the creative.

In this selection for Alt-X, we have indicated the Australian artist's unique reaction to popular culture and contemporary theory. We have included Australian writers, artists, performers and thinkers that work outside the safety of mainstream artistic practices. We hope that with the intervention of the Internet, space will collapse further, allowing artistic communities to interact on a global scale. This is our own space, defined only by the limits of creative thought, representative of the greater, travelling towards a new arena as inner complexities transcend the bounds of rational discourse.

We seek to function outside the safety of mainstream artistic practices in offering an alternative to the Australian artist, while representing to the international community contemporary Australian thought.

We welcome any further Australian submissions from potential creatives. We welcome international criticism.


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