Alt-X Audio No. 1

Streaming Word-Dub. Binary Dissonance. Situational Performance. Net.Radio. Our premiere audio show features ambient fiction from composers Erik Belgum and Eric Lyon whose breakthrough CD RETIREMENT FUND was recently featured at the BONK festival in Tampa, Florida! This opening audio-stream also includes clips from the Dogma Hum archives (featuring Mark Amerika on vocals) and sampled found-sound mania from the Alt-X Audio research ensemble.


0:00-1:10 Where Is Eco-Dub (Alt-X Audio)
1:10-3:20 Retirement Fund (Erik Belgum & Erik Lyon)
3:20-3:48 Word of God (Alt-X Audio)
3:48-6:29 She Was... (Dogma Hum with Mark Amerika on vocals)
6:29-6:53 Psychopath (Alt-X Audio)
6:53-8:21 Retirement Fund (Erik Belgum and Erik Lyon)
8:21-13:29 Factory Music for Real Audio (Mark Amerika and Andrew Currie)
13:29-16:08 Retirement Fund (Erik Belgum and Erik Lyon)
16:00-18:07 State of The Art (Erik Belgum and Mark Amerika)
18:07- 18:46 Demonic Robots (Alt-X Audio)
18:46-23:45 Eat The Table [Oedipussy Complex #9] (Dogma Hum with Mark Amerika on vocals)
23:45-26:02 Creature Feature (Mark Amerika and Knut Mork)
26:02-28:39 This & That (Erik Belgum and Mark Amerika)
28:39-29:28 MEAT
29:28-30:00 Where Is Eco-Dub (Alt-X Audio)