Alt-X Audio No. 13

For our current edition, new Alt-X Audio producer Trace Reddell is pleased to present the work of Ergo Phizmiz. This hour-long feature, "Requiem for the Precedence of the USA", was made by Ergo Phizmiz out of a junkshop of 78-RPM records processed by Flash software and old brass clocks. Some voices by Erik Bumbledonk & Martha Moopette. Choral performances by the Polperro Fisherman's Choir. Dedicated to George Bush Snr and his family, friends and associates.

Ergo Phizmiz records lots of things, so this piece is no exception. His website is at His music has been translated into around 4000 different languages.


0:00-1:00:12 "Requiem for the Precedence of the USA"