Alt-X Audio No. 2

Our second program starts off with Raymond Federman reading from his classic Pomo novel TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. This novel, originally published in 1976 by avant-pop publisher FC2/Black Ice Books and already in multiple printings, has become part of the 20th century literary canon and is translated into many different languages. The excerpt we hear in this Alt-X netcast is called "The Masturbatory Gesture" and takes us back to the old days where Federman's bilingual protagonist, Frenchy, a holocaust survivor now living in the USA, is serving in the Army's 82nd airborne division in North Carolina. This "exaggerated second-hand discourse" becomes a farcical response to all of the late-night antics that take place in the sleazy Army barracks. Federman's reading is followed by a popular cut from the Dogma Hum archives called "The Revolution of Everyday Life," a dark comedy-monologue delivered by our host, Harry Halitosis, whose Miami Beach retiree-rant mixes Situationist pseudo-philosophy with our populist fascination with serial murder.


0:00-0:52 The Age of Transmission (Alt-X Audio)
0:52-22:00 The Masturbatory Gesture (Raymond Federman)
22:00-22:35 The Age of Transmission (Alt-X Audio)
22:38-28:05 The Revolution of Everyday Life (Dogma Hum with Mark Amerika on vocals)
28:09-29:58 Ambient-Dub (Andrew Currie and Mark Amerika)