Alt-X Audio No. 3

Our third program starts off with a new made-for-RealAudio work from net.artist Mark Amerika called "Gotcha" and is followed by new sounds from the forthcoming sequel to Eric Lyon and Erik Belgum's RETIREMENT FUND. The excerpts we hear in this program are called TAPEWORM and OVERTURE -- meanwhile a juxtaposed vocal-track found by the Alt-X Audio Ensemble creeps into the dance mix and makes a plea to all webbified navigators to "turn your software down and close your eyes, just for a minute..." in hopes that the listener will embrace the world for what it is. But what is it? Certainly not this.


0:00-0:30 Where Is Eco-Dub? (Alt-X Audio)
0:30-4:56 Gotcha (Mark Amerika)
4:56-5:26 Where Is Eco-Dub? (Alt-X Audio)
5:26-19:20 Tapeworm (Erik Belgum and Eric Lyon)
19:20-20:44 Gotcha [Again] (Mark Amerika)
20:44-29:56 Overture (Eric Lyon and Erik Belgum with found sound by Alt-X Audio)