Alt-X Audio No. 4

Our fourth program starts off with a previously unreleased cut from the popular GRAMMATRON soundtrack. This particular cut, "The Czech Dreambook," is excerpted from the Prague-23 section of the GRAMMATRON story and was published earlier in the journal Fiction International. After this reading, the rest of the program features a composition from Robert Constable called SPIT TAKE. Constable is currently director of the Slavin Electronic Studio at the New College located at the University of South Florida. For more information, you can reach the artist at the website for the BONK music festival.
SPIT TAKE is composed around a 'found' sound source. The source is a recording (virtually unedited) which was in a telephone answering machine purchased at a thrift store. It appears to document about 24 hours of a persons life which, by any standards, would be considered private. Constable was very interested in the idea of music that could make the listener feel somewhat unclean. The instrumental parts are aleatoric in that they are given much freedom in instrumentation and style. Their parts consist of a transcript of the tape, and they take queues from certain words and actions on the tape. Their two main tasks are to compliment the words on the tape part and to obliterate most of the names and telephone numbers.


0:00-0:08 Station I.D.
0:08-8:01 The Czech Dreambook (Mark Amerika and DJ Jon-Jon)
8:01-31:32 Spit Take (Robert Constable)