Alt-X Audio No. 6

Our sixth program, jam-packed with from all around the globe, is themed "The Electronic Voice" and features six tracks off the VOYS No. 2 CD-project out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Short-circuiting the presence of voice in network-distributed cyberspace, the selections here include "...Due Giorni Dopo" by Ricardo Dal Farra (Buenos Aires), "Degrazzia" by Jill Battson (Toronto), "Whirlpool of Blood" by Scott Gresham-Lancaster (Oakland), "A Topography" by Jonathan Brannen (Morris, MN), "Pastorale" by Robert Constable (Sarasota) and "The Beggar" also by Jill Battson (Toronto). For more information on how to buy the VOYS 2 CD, you can write to VOYS, P.O. Box 580547, Minneapolis, MN, 55458 or just send email. A year subscription to VOYS can be started immediately by sending $28 to the address above.


0:22-3:32 ...Due Giorni Dopo (Ricardo Dal Farra / Buenos Aires)
3:33-7:26 Degrazzia (Jill Battson / Toronto)
7:34-15:19 Whirlpool of Blood (Scott Gresham-Lancaster / Oakland)
15:22-20:28 A Topography (Jonathan Brannen / Morris, MN)
20:38-27:14 Pastorale (Robert Constable / Sarasota)
27:16-28:36 The Beggar (Jill Battson / Toronto)
28:37-30:00 from Nine Fragments for W.C. By George Bataille (Eugene Thacker / NYC)