air.strike by tobias c. van veen

Alt-X Audio #14 | "Air.Strike"
Streaming Performance
By tobias c. van veen
Read by Chris Daub

Part of van veen's series of collateral interventions within the popular Counter-Strike gaming network. Audio from these interventions consists of the gunfire juxtaposed with the singing & surreal ranting through the networked audio of the game. More about the project [pdf]

It's a Psych-Out! with Trace Reddell

"It's a Psych-Out!"
A Music Video Blog
By Trace Reddell

MP3 catalog collides with the database of video objects of Trace Reddell's Pharmakopolis Broadcasting Services.

Feb. 6, 2006 | reproduction of
practical Spectacle struggles

Re-State of the Union Address

Jan. 17, 2006 | "McLuhan Electronicus"
Dick Hyman's booty-shaking `69-robotica grooves with material from the ongoing PBS remix of McLuhan's "Medium is the Massage."

Dec. 15, 2005 | "Space Speed Indicator"
New audio from The pHarmanaut fueling the PBS vidhicle.

Dec. 8, 2005 | "Beginning of the Voyage"
Mashing up Timothy Leary's Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out (1967) with selections from the Pharmakopolis video collection.

Dec. 1, 2005 | "Stella by Starlight"
Beat-matching visualization software synched up a sequence of loops siphoned from Ralph Steiner's aquatic morph-fest, "H20" (1929), with this lovely interstellar version of "Stella by Starlight" from Frank Comstock's Project album, Music from Outer Space (1962).

Alt-X Deep Crates

Deep Crates
Alt-X Audio RE-Masters

Pioneers of Podcast

Alt-X Audio's history streams back to the going ga-ga days of the mid-90s, when our readouts grow hazy in the smoky word-dub glow. Relive the golden days of with these essential situational performance webcasts from Mark Amerika and company.

For the first time, you can now download files, remastered for MP3 format and ready to arm the nearest YOUpod for random acts of binary dissonance.

Send us a link to your remix. We'll showcase the best in an upcoming "Alt-X Audio" stream.


Since 1994, tobias has been actively involved in multimedia, tactical, and sound production. tobias has a forthcoming album on and/OAR with tomas phillips entitled If not, winter. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Philosophy & Communication at McGill University. More info at