lowkey+nude:  P L E A S E _ P R E S S _ P L A Y
  This work is a collaborative effort of Australian artists Michael Hogg and Clare McGrogan, also known separately as 'low key operations' and 'Nude Productions'. It was an ANAT deep immersion:creative collaboration project.

Combining our individual areas of practice we have created a hybrid of work combining the elements of electronic music (Michael), poetry and the spoken word (Clare).

We aim to develop and test new creative synthesis techniques made possible with modern studio equipment, software available for the personal computer and our extensive experience in sound production.

In this computer environment the human voice is treated as a sound source, manipulated and edited alongside other electronic sources within the machine, allowing for the expansion of auditory, structural and compositional possibilities.

The spoken word text, once recorded, can undergo similar transformations to that of musical composition, including multi-layering, effects and non-linear cut and paste techniques, expanding the linguistic possibilities beyond paper and pen.

The project also investigates the new distribution paradigm offered by real-audio™ streaming on the web, both technically and conceptually. This broadcasting medium is an ideal alternative to traditional print media and radio, allowing more creative possibilities within sound and text.

contact info-lowkeyandnude@hotmail.com
1998 Michael Hogg and Clare McGrogan