lowkey+nude:  P L E A S E _ P R E S S _ P L A Y
Reality Check 16:16-23:03

Words:Clare McGrogan Music:Michael Hogg
Vocals:Clare McGrogan,Rosemary McGrogan
and Michael Nolan (Pure Bunk)
original track 'Cellulitious' by Pure Bunk


the aura of a child sometimes, the aura of an adult sometimes .....

the child whose hands are drained of energy,
the child whose mind is constantly on guard,
the child whose body is tired,
yet still fights to survive
and eyes that are scared, confused
and almost sold out of lies.

the aura of a child sometimes,
the aura of an adult sometimes...

have you ever seen the food that they eat?
the liquid that is heated for the oncoming ceremony?
have you ever seen the eyes of addiction?
...the windows that tell a confused story....

have you ever felt a body that is nothing but bones
because the food injected is rotten!
we cannot comprehend the actions,
belonging to this ritual of self indulgence
.. self destruction.

for all involved,
a realm of sadness and disbelief is entered,
a rollercoaster ride,
which never seems to end.

an addiction is carried within us all
... for some it is positive
and for some it is negative

the aura of a child sometimes ... the aura of an adult sometimes....

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1998 Clare McGrogan