cinescripture.1 (an art ebook)

Mark Amerika

Released in conjunction with Mark Amerika's "How To Be An Internet Artist" retrospective at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London in November 2001, this experimental art ebook composed by Amerika and designed by J.P. Williams, is a digital remix of many thoughts initially generated by the likes of Rimbaud, Jabes, Barthes, Heidegger, Baudrillard, and a host of others. The experimental typography, color field design, language play, and digital imagery captured by Amerika, manifest a new kind of screenal reading space that highlights the artist's attempt to call into question what it means to be human in a post-apocalyptic culture bombarded by seemingly disconnected imagery.

Featuring The Digital Thoughtographer, I/O, Digital Being and other concept-characters, cinescripture.1 traces the Man With A Movie Camera's entry into cyberspace and the fourth dimension.

About Mark Amerika's work:

"Mark Amerika not only plays music -- the rhythm, the sound of his words and sentences -- he plays verbal meanings as if they're music. I'm not just talking about music. Amerika is showing us that William Burroughs came out of jazz knowledge and that now everything's political -- and everything's coming out through the lens of sexuality". -- Kathy Acker

"The real counterculture is not gone. Mark Amerika is proof of that...Here we have a writer who unravels his male heterosexuality as thoroughly as any post-feminist, who's willing to make disturbing accusations against mainstream culture, while simultaneously wrestling with postmodernity." -- Philadelphia Inquirer

"Mr Amerika -- if indeed that is his name -- has achieved a unique and startling beauty in his most artful marriage of Blake's lyricism and the iron-in-the-soul of Celine. Are we talking a new and hard-hitting Antonin Artaud? Absolutely. And much more." -- Terry Southern.

Mark Amerika, who was just named a "Time Magazine 100 Innovator" as part of their continuing series of features on the most influential artists, scientists, entertainers and philosophers into the 21st century, is the author of two novels. His first novel, The Kafka Chronicles, is now in its third printing and his most recent novel, Sexual Blood, has been translated into Italian as Sangue Sessuale. He is the Director of Alt-X [], which he founded in 1993. Publishers Weekly has called Alt-X "the literary publishing model of the future."

In Spring 2000, his groundbreaking work of, GRAMMATRON, was selected as one of the first works of Internet art to ever be exhibited in the prestigious Whitney Biennial of American Art.

Amerika teaches digital art and theory at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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