by Ronald Sukenick

COWS, whose style includes the detective story, the western, sci-fi, porn, and other elements of genre fiction, investigates the dark and dirty side of American culture taking off from the JonBenet murder case in Boulder, Colorado.

One of the leading postmodern innovators, Ronald Sukenick has been on the cutting edge of American writing for thirty years and his influence has been pervasive. His breakthrough books, Up, a novel, and The Death of the Novel and Other Stories, were landmarks in the explosion of a new kind of American fiction in the sixties and early seventies. His novel 98.6 has been in print for twenty five years. His recent books, Mosaic Man and Narralogues, turn his innovative style to the roots of Western tradition in the context of Pop Culture. Throughout his career Sukenick has used mass market modes to subvert the mass market, most lately in a movement called Avant-Pop.

"The reader who is interested in the future of fiction in this country should have a look at the writing of Sukenick." -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"What characterizes Sukenick's fiction is its comedy, its sexual exuberance, its innovations in structure and characterization, and the accuracy of its depiction of the cultural context." --- Contemporary Literature

"Quick now, read him before he invents again!" --- NY Times Book Review

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