by Alan Sondheim

Alan Sondheim's new ebook, .echo, takes you on a fascinating journey with Nikuko Meat-Girl into the language of avatars, transliterate lovemaking and virtual subjectivity. While interacting with Sondheim's ebook of mystical eroticism, the reader will lose themselves in a net.fiction charged with sex, obsession, codework and real bodies pushed to the limit. A provocative theory-world presented in the guise of experimental narrative, .echo takes the reader on a high-speed, yet zen-like trip through a hallucinatory landscape that one can imagine used to be the world. There's never been anything like this book as it confounds the relationship between America and Japan, prosthetics and aesthetics, visible words and invisible intelligences. Enter at your own risk!

Alan Sondheim has published the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjectivity (Lusitania, 1996), Disorders of the Real (Station Hill, 1988), and numerous other anthologies and chapbooks. His video and filmwork have been shown internationally. Sondheim co-moderates several email lists, including Cybermind, Cyberculture, and Wryting. He works with Azure Carter and the dancer/choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite. He has been at work on an "Internet Text," a continuous meditation on philosophy, psychology, language, body, and virtuality; it can be found at www.anu.edu.au/english/internet_txt. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and has just been appointed to the faculty at Florida International University.

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