The Anarchivists of Eco-Dub

by Nile Southern

ECO-DUB is a real and evolving cultural repository of image, sound and text--driven by a fictional cast of characters looking for answers in a society that commercial media left behind. Set in the near future, the world's only hope of holding onto a humanist (and progressive) identity rests with a rag-tag band of drug and sex-addled info-junkies.

Through the Ecodub 'shaman head hose' processor, an Anarchival Research/Broadcast Station (see cover), The Anarchivists are able to "divine the exquisite corpse of culture" through the arranged marriage of live, recombinant media interplay and sophistocated indexing techniques. When their signal (beamed daily from erratic Satellite Erica) becomes too popular to control, the Media Blackouts begin, and the Eco-Dubbers' only hope is to unleash a Divine Intelligence in the making.

"Verbs cannot re-scribe the Eco-Dub experience. It's like all the world's become a stage of easily accessible source material that has been broken down into ones and zeroes and the Great Napster God has laid down the social-progressivist gauntlet: peer-to-peer or die!" -- Abe Golam, Prog-23

"Long live The Cinema of Information!" -- Simulated Nikola Tesla, 2009

Nile Southern is a writer and filmmaker living in Boulder, Colorado, and Thessaloniki, Greece. He wrote The Anarchivists of Eco-Dub as a "screen-based narrative" while living in London from 1989-1991. Nile collaborated on the video work that led to much of the animated imagery in Mark Amerika's Grammatron. He is the designer of the Alt-X Press series, a virtual imprint of Alt-X. NS also maintains the Literary Trust of his father, Terry Southern, and the website:

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