edited by Eugene Thacker

HARD_CODE is an anthology of experimental electronic prose which asks the question: What kinds of stories are told by data? The texts in this anthology respond to this question from a wide range of viewpoints, often suggesting that the dynamics between bodies and data is not always a smooth one. Filled with identity avatars, DNA bodies, generative code, and virtual realities, HARD_CODE combines leading-edge work from new media art/net.art, cultural theory, and experimental fiction, forming new hybrids between flesh and data.

HARD_CODE brings together a group of innovative writers exploring the syntax of new media and computer technologies. From net.artists, to science fiction writers, to computer hackers, to practitioners of "degenerative prose," HARD_CODE is a "mis-users manual" for the network society.

Contributors include: Doll Yoko, Fakeshop, Matthew Fuller, Shelley Jackson, Harold Jaffe, ID_Runners, MEZ, Andi and Lance Olsen, Doug Rice, Steven Shaviro, Julia Solis, Alan Sondheim, Steve Tomasula, Don Webb, and many others...

Eugene Thacker is a writer, theorist, and net.artist who has been working with hypertext and net.art since the introduction of the Web, presenting work through Alt-X, Ars Electronica, CTHEORY, Semiotext(e), and V2. He has just joined the faculty at Georgia Tech's School of Language, Literature and Communcation.

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