Neuromantic Fiction: The Black Ice Anthology

Edited by Mark Amerika, Matt Samet and Clint Ruhlman

With an introduction by Ronald Sukenick

This special collection of Black Ice fiction features the work of Richard Grossman, Wiley Wiggins, Matthew Fuller, Diana George, Lidia Yuknavitch, Erik Belgum, Don Webb, Jacques Servin, Doug Rice, Gashgirl, D.N. Stuefloten, Ann Bogle, Jeffrey DeShell, Matt Samet, Michelle Albert and many others.

"When Black Ice went electronic, a new consideration became apparent: this is a medium in which everything is new, in which even the most traditional work is new because it is framed in a different way. Writing for the screen is not the same as writing for the page - there is a malleable, plastic quality in the screen that makes evident writing's continuity with fine arts, beginning with calligraphy. All sorts of possibilities arise, from type that can be moved around on the page and drawing that can be continuous with writing, to using motion and sound in various ways - for example, I am dictating this to my voice recognition program, which has its impact in terms of style. So one of the variables in choices for this collection is exploitation of the possibilities of the medium. The multi-dimensional aspect of the computer is fascinating - it spans a possible range from haiku to grand opera. Get ready - all sorts of hybrids are about to be unleashed into the world." -- Ronald Sukenick, from the Introduction

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