Wiley Wiggins

From the Author:

"Like many other self-important young people who feel mistakenly that the sound of their own voice is more important than that of traffic or radio static, through much of my life I have kept journals. Horrified by the embarrassingly dull minutiae of my own life, I usually fill these instead with something that doesn't quite pass for 'fiction'. A sickening soup of real events, dreams, half-formed stories, and past-midnight homesick ramblings. I don't consider myself a writer, or know what these awkwardly-shaped lumps that come out of me have to offer anyone else, but here they are... behind a computer screen, weightless and intangible."

About Wiley Wiggins' work:

"Wiggins' fiction is a great synthesis of postmodern play, sci fi themes, filmic concerns and sheer madness -- all told with an easygoing surety. Wiggins has verve, style and intelligent readers. I wouldn't recommend his work to the slow or the dumb, but if you are a clever reader, read this guy and grow more clever still."

Don Webb
Author of Uncle Ovid's Exercise Book

"We always thought Wiley would be an actor or a technophiliac, probably the former with his star turns in Linklater's 'Dazed and Confused' and 'Waking Life.' He was into zines, too (weren't we all?), but who knew he could really write? He knew, is the answer, and that's where he turned when he did the loneliest thing you could do, which is try to make it as an actor in L.A. Next thing ya know, he's written Solarcon 6. And I get a glowing purplish CDR in a package, drop it in the drive and find two pdfs of writing, and it's good stuff, really good. So next thing I expect to see him playing lead guitar with his own band at the gallery opening for his painting and sculpture. Wiley's gonna be a renaissance man!" -- Jon Lebkowsky. EFF Austin President, FringeWare Review Co-Founder

"Well, wasn't *that* a mindfuck. I mean that in a good way."

Andrew Hackard
Managing Editor, Steve Jackson Games

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