ebr 12

A Poetics of the Link
Jeff Parker contributes to the ongoing debate on electropoetics and invites readers to post their own link types and descriptions.

Cybertext Theory and Literary Studies, A User's Manual
Considering hypertext as a subset of cybertexts, Markku Eskelinen weighs in with seven examples of how to implement Espen Aarseth's seven-fold typology.

ebr 12 music/sound/noise
Nothing is accomplished by writing a piece of music.
Nothing is accomplished by playing a piece of music.
Nothing is accomplished by listening to a piece of music.

- Our ears are now in excellent condition.
(John Cage)

The Sonic Spectrum
Elise Kermani writes about her work with sound and invites readers to locate sounds of their own on the spectrum from noise to sound to music.
database programming: Allison Hunter and Ewan Branda.

A Somewhat Legal Look at the Dawn and Dusk of the Napster Controversy
Paul C. Rapp, Esq., a.k.a. Lee Harvey Blotto

Tattoo it in Skin: A Literary Prediction
RVV Rob Wittig, Scriptor, fast forwards to a future when teenagers in neo-nikes and neo-soccer jerseys recreate ye olden days of the True Hip Hop Troubadour, circa Y2K.

Litmixer: The Literary Remediator
With his software groovebox, Trace Reddell applies the tools and strategies of the DJ to the performance of literary interpretation and critical speculation.

End Construction: ebr3.0
Anne Burdick and Ewan Branda introduce the new ebr interface - a complement to the litmixer, but using ebr itself as the sampling source (under construction)

A Disorganized Multilingual A to Z Poem
poem: Raymond Federman. audio recording and production: Eric Rasmussen and Shaun Sandor

poem: Thomas Swiss; photographs: David Henry; design: Ingrid Ankerson. Done in a "classical mode." using Micromedia's Flash.

Stuttering Screams and Beastly Poetry
Allison Hunter writes on Douglas Kahn, a modern musicologist who takes in the noise of modern battle, recordings from the tops of trains and the interiors of coalmines, and also the musicality of undigitized everyday noise. In
Primary Sounds she applies academic Color Theory to the dominant sounds of her home.

When You Can't Believe Your Eyes: Voice, Vision, And the Prosthetic Subject in Dancer in the Dark
Cary Wolfe investigates why the reviewers were so rattled by the Lars von Trier film, and in the process puts Jacques Derrida, Stanley Cavell, Slavoj Zizek, and Judith Butler into conversation.

New Beatle/Beach Boy Facts
David Greenberger on the two titans of entertainment and enlightenment.

an MP3 compilation

Network Voices
fifteen artists working along the blurry boundary of music, sound, and noise launch Alt-X Audio. curator: Mark Amerika.

further reVIEWs on critical ecologies: media/systems theory

Further Notes From the Prison-House of Language
Linda Brigham works through Embodying Technesis by Mark Hansen.

Mindful of Multiplicity
Linda Carroli reviews Michael Joyce on networked culture, whose emergence changes our ideas of change.

The Cybernetic Turn: Literary into Cultural Criticism
Joseph Tabbi reviews the essay collection Simulacrum America.

ebr12 reVIEWs of general interest

Duchamp Through Shop Windows
Reviewing new scholarship by David Joselit, Molly Nesbit, Thierry de Duve, and Linda Henderson, Hannah Higgins proposes that writing about Duchamp needs to be Duchampian in flavor.

What Lies Beneath?
Gene Kannenberg, Jr. finds the most well-publicized comic by one of America's most significant cartoonists to be technically accomplished, challenging as narrative but finally all too true to its title: the characters and situations in David Boring are in fact boring.

Talking Back to the Owners of the World
Steffen Hantke on Tom LeClair's and Richard Powers's novelistic imaginations of terror.

America: The Usable Cliché
Sue Im-Lee reviews Reciting America by Christopher Douglas.

Reading the L.A. Landscape
Claire Rasmussen on geography and the social theory of Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Mike Davis, and Edward Soja.

Accretive Dreams, Junk Narrativity, & Orphaned Excess in Moderation
Lance Olsen reviews hypertext writing, past and present, by Robert Arellano.

Unraveling the Tapestry of Califia
Jaishree K. Odin on the hyperfiction of M.D. Coverley.




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