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Net Art
Shelley Jackson's MY BODY

Tina Laporta's DISTANCE

Donna Leischman's redridinghood


  • what is the conceptual framework for these stories, i.e. how do the artists create a context for their stories to develop in? are they "coming of age" stories, photo-books, hypertexts, remixes, diaries, what?
  • how do some of these net artists blur the distinction between autobiography and fiction? how do they "manipulate the data" (to borrow Bush's concept) of their lives to create an alternate persona?
  • are there other examples of (online) digital narratives you know of that do things differently than the artists I linked to?
  • Some other things to consider in these digital narratives: regarding this blurred line of distinction between autobiography and fiction, is there any point in the Jackson piece where the work becomes extra-real, where the autobiography is no longer believable but now a fantasy? In Laporta's "Distance," is Laporta herself playing a character in a net art work about a long-distance relationship or is this just the "real" story of artist Tina Laporta? Is there a difference anymore? In Leischman's "redridinghood" why do you suppose she uses the old children's story as a conceptual framework to tell this new story about contemporary relationships?
Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries' DAKOTA

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