Lincoln would probably want to set the record straight about a lot of things. For instance, I grew up thinking he guzzled turpentine. Come on, you know the words, sing it with me: Lincoln Lincoln I've been thinkin'/What the heck have you been drinkin'?/Is it whiskey? Is it wine?/Oh my god, it's turpentine! He also would probably tell Americans to stop portraying him on stilts in Independence Day parades. He'd say, "Come on people, I wasn't THAT tall. And my hat was like a normal-size hat, not a giant ridiculous hat." I like to imagine that Abe Lincoln never took off that hat, that he wore it even to bed, although he probably didn't. Isn't there a Tick episode from the animated series that featured Abraham Lincoln saving the day? Anyway, that's the end of my disorganized thoughts about Lincoln, except that I once dressed up like him for Halloween and found that although I am female, I very much enjoyed wearing a beard. Like, I enjoyed it A LOT. Probably too much.

     -Brenda - Editor - Chicago