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Mapping Transitions

Mapping Transitions features three newly commissioned works of Internet art from Whitney Biennial artists Mary Flanagan, Lisa Jevbratt and John Klima. The exhibition is co-curated by Christiane Paul, adjunct curator of new media art at the Whitnety Museum of American Art, and Mark Amerika, professor of digital art at the University of Colorado.

The title "Mapping Transitions" both refers to the actual process of giving visual form to different kinds of data and data flow and to the transitions between more traditional forms of visual arts and this new medium. The work of the selected artists is particularly relevant when it comes to the concept of mapping these transitions. Also be sure to check out our archive of past exhibitions including the Digital Studies: Being In Cyberspace show featuring the work of Roy Ascott, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Alex Galloway, Knut Mork, Vuk Cosic, Melinda Rackham, Lev Manovich and many others.