Because hypertext, as experienced via the Internet, is our next literature, our next method of writing, it demands (or elicits) a new method of reading. Its links, the negative space between its spaces, carry meaning in the same way that a dream's seemingly inexplicable transitions often signify as much as its "scenes." In addition to forwarding a "narrative" (or undermining conventional linear conceptions of narrative), a hypertextual link often carries figurative weight as well, suggesting a comparison between its point of departure and its point of arrival.

With the advent of Hyper-X, we hope to introduce you to this networked narrative experience, periodically offering sterling examples of experimental, interactive literature, in addition to gradually unveiling hypertextual versions of the departments already existing in linear form at Alt-X. And what better way to inaugurate Hyper-X than with a wild new piece by Alt-X Director and Avant-Pop cyber-prophet, Mark Amerika?

Please feel free to bounce around the prologue or dive straight in to the curious, polyphonic, multi-genre hybrid landscape of Hypertextual Consciousness, by Mark Amerika.

[by Jay Dillemuth
Hyper-X, Co-Editor]

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