Going Somewhere

Andy says I'm not empathetic enough. He's very empathetic, so I want to be, too. I don't go to work because I feel inadequate. Instead, I sit home and watch TV to gain insight. I warn myself that if I don't force myself to be empathetic then I'll be really lonely, and I pray that Andy will still love me when he gets home from work.

Andy spends the day in important meetings. It will be a stressful day for him. It will be empathetic of me to ask him how his day was and give him a back rub when he gets home.

It's nice to find someone waiting for you when you get home, but not if you know that person's whole life centers around waiting for you.

So I get on my coat and shoes and stand right by the door, and when Andy opens it, I look like I am just on the verge of going somewhere.

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