We get to Disney World
a half hour before it opens. We go right to Space Mountain. Then we go to The Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. Marc yells, "Wenches," like the pirates, until Mom tells him to stop.

Magic Kingdom

We go to Swiss Family Robinson, and it looks like there's not a line, but there is. It's hidden. The trees look real, but they're not, and neither are the birds, they're a recording. Dad told us.

Dad leaves the line. He says he's going to the bathroom. He comes back with blue cotton candy. Mom doesn't want any so Dad gives her's to the girl behind us.

After Swiss Family, we stop in the bathroom to wash off the blue. We skip lunch because that's the best time to wait in lines. We go to Frontierland, to the Bear Jamboree--the slowest line in the park. Dad timed all the lines. Mom rubs the inside of my hand with her finger, and I do it back.

The afternoon lines are the longest, so we go back home to the Polynesian Hotel to take a nap. While we're riding the monorail, Dad says we're making great time. "This is the fastest we've ever gone through the park. We can make it in one day, if we want."

"We could go to Sanabel a day early," Mom says. It's got the best sea shelling in the world.

"What about Tom Sawyer's Island?" I ask, "We can't do that at night."

Mom asks, "Would you rather see Tom Sawyer or spend an extra day at Sanabel?"

"I guess you want to go to Sanabel," I say.

We go back to the park at 5:00. We go through Cinderella Castle to Fantasyland. Mom and Dad walk fast and we run next to them. We each throw a quarters into the Cinderella fountain and make a wishe. I wish that I can know what everyone else's wishes are, but as we are walking toward the Haunted Mansion, I can see my first wish isn't coming true, so I wish again, for Mom to stay in a good mood.

The Haunted Mansion is back in Frontierland, and on our way we get pizza for dinner. Mom says not to eat it until we get to the Haunted Mansion line, because eating makes lines go faster. We get to the Ghost Host and he invites us in.

There's only two hours left so we go straight to Small World. We go here last because Dad says once you go through the ride, you can't get the song out of your head.

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