Kathy Acker
I'm looking for what might be called a body language. One thing I do is stick a vibrator up my cunt and start writing -- writing from the point of orgasm and losing control of the language and seeing what that's like.

Mark Amerika
I think what differentiates Avant-Pop writing from avant-garde or early postmodernism is that the emerging practitioners of this writing style are more comfortable with the digital culture they find themselves absorbed in. Our ability to process information is becoming an art in and of itself.

Martin Amis
I looked down the bar and there were ten people, and eight to nine of them had my book in front of them. They were chatting and having drinks. I thought "This is the way the world is supposed to be."

Don Bajema
One of my biggest fears is to somehow be asked later "why I sat around while the cattlecars were unloading at Dachau." I feel like a dupe. I feel like I am part of the most evil form of government since nazi Germany. This is what causes me to write.

Nicholson Baker
The genesis of the book was an idea I had in 4th grade, very much like the one described in the book. I had this idea that I wanted to switch time off and look really closely at the chalkboard. And then I thought that I could incidentally take the teacher's clothes off.

Bruce Benderson
I'm a middle class person encountering the world of the street. But the more you enter that world, the less likely it is that you'll be writing, because that's the world of drugs, sex, constant change and criminal activity.

Rex Bruce
A lot of artists using non-digital media get paranoid when I talk to them that computers are taking over. This is bad 70's sci-fi. Artists are so paranoid or are such rah-rahs about their particular pursuit or style. It's so neurotic. What a bore.

Dennis Cooper
[My books] acknowledge [the erotic side of evil]. I try to show stuff. Allow it to be erotic, real scary. Allow it to be moving, all these different things, so it's not just presented as titillating or disgusting because that's the way it's usually presented.

Douglas Coupland
The 90s are becoming this enormous battle. If there's anything that defines this decade, it is the battle for staying and keeping yourself relevant.

Kathryn Cramer
The anarchist Kathryn (the one who writes the stuff)... (yup) wants very heavily linked hypertext, not to liberate you, but to liberate me.

Rikki Ducornet
If I "belong" with the Post Modern tribe perhaps it is because I am so taken up with the idea of fiction as an infinite process of mind and fascinated with the idea of mind as a process of fiction. Perhaps this is why I write about madmen so much.

Bret Easton Ellis
I don't know what other reference points there were when I was growing up. It was books, movies, TV and rock and roll.

In writing as in sex, there's a certain undressing and unselfconsciousness: a certain loss of identity in a union with the world at large which is the divine. I feel like when I write that I don't know who I am the same way when I fuck I don't know who I am.

Raymond Federman
But I know that first hand, the girls F has known intimately in Germany have all told him that they think he is a great writer. That reading his books is like fucking with him. I am quoting here.

Mary Gaitskill
I see form as being a by-product. What I mean is that the style will be the inevitable result of what the writer is pursuing and how she's pursuing it.

Spalding Gray
I only see through loss, death and my right eye (my left eye is very impaired).

Richard Grossman
Writing is a ritual or cleansing activity: it is the most potent ritual that we have, and the staleness and inanition of the world culture, and its lack of perceptive writing, endanger our survival. A culture without proper ritual will certainly self-destruct.

Stewart Home
I don't write autobiography, but I know that people will read my books as autobiography. So I lay red herrings, so they get a fucked up idea of what I'm really like.

Hypertext Forum (with Jay Bolter, Jane Yellowlees Douglas, Jim Rosenberg and others)
I think there's room, within the new genres made possible by digital technology, for what we'd consider "pop" as well as what we'd consider "avant garde." Put more simply, not every hypertext narrative is going to end up being as challenging as Ulysses.

Paul Krassner
The quality of co-option is not strained. Controversy has become a commodity.

George Landow
The theory and the medium are on the same wavelength; that is, there is a real convergence, even if it is not a total mapping of all theory to all technology. But hypermedia certainly is very useful in embodying the theory just like the theory is very useful in intellectualizing and explaining the space.

Jonathan Lethem
All the disasters in Amnesia Moon are traceable to neurosis. Maybe if I wasn't so sexually frustrated when I was fourteen I might not have needed to see the world laid to rubble so often.

Mark Leyner
No matter how wacky or silly what I'm talking about is, I try to make a very elegant sentence about it. I just have a very personal affinity for elegance.

Geert Lovink
It's possible to be on-line without a computer--with the imagination, with drugs; this is not a hardware question. Finally it all boils down to exciting the senses.

Cris Mazza
I believe that the fine line between truth and perception may not exist, and perception is the only truth. I'm not really a philosopher either, so going much further will expose me as a poseur.

Larry McCaffery
The key here is recognizing that pop culture's not the enemy. Pop culture is now the dream imagery writers use, it's a landscape they can tap into and fuck around with.

Ted Mooney
I am certain that I will always, undoubtedly, write about strong women. If I am going to spend five or six hours a day with my characters, I want to be quite fond of them.

Colin Newman & Malka Spigel
Historically we see the primacy of the narrative song being eroded by plurality of version. It's hardly an issue now virtually no-one I know listens to songs any more.

Jeff Noon
I personally see Vurt as a transitional novel, between cyberpunk and something else--I don't know what it is yet. One of the things about Vurt is there's no technology in it. It's organic--it's almost like magic.

Marcos Novak
The world itself, as far as I know, is the result of innumerable algorithmic processes, richly interwoven.

Sadie Plant
Yeah, I do think that Britain, much as I spend most of my time hating it, I do increasingly think that it is quite an interesting place to be.

Postfeminist Forum (with Kiki Smith, Deb Margolin, Ann Hamilton, Guerrilla Girls, and others)
Rather than having a purpose for a piece from the beginning, or an agenda, I look at my art as an experiment and wait to see how a piece will reveal itself afterwards, so it's less a pragmatic exercise in propaganda. (Kiki Smith)

Doug Rice
I guess you could say that I have been trying to cure my body through a plunge into language ever since I was a young boy/girl.

Avital Ronell
To get off any drug, or anything which has been invested as an ideal object -- something that you want to incorporate as part of you -- precipitates a major narcissistic crisis.

Steven Shaviro
Revulsion and excitement are emotions that are in fact quite close to one another, which is why books, movies, etc trafficking in sex and and/or violence are both the most popular ones, and the ones most frequently subject to censure and taboo.

John Shirley
I think the worst people in the world are drug addicts, and the best people in the world are ex-drug addicts.

Leslie Marmon Silko
You can look at the old stories that were told among the tribal people here in a north country and see that within them is the same kind of valuable lessons about human behavior and that we need them still.

Christopher Sorrentino
I'll dump verisimilitude and factual accuracy for fiction every time, and so in this case the idea of articulating some kind of reasoned "judgment" about rock and roll went out the window right away: I started from the premise that it's another pile of shit from the Lite Entertainment brigade and went on from there.

Gilbert Sorrentino
While it's all right to think of something as delicious as Dallas or Dynasty as, well, delicious, it's not a good idea to confuse them with Jean Genet. Essentially, the novelist, the serious novelist, should do what he can do and simply forgo the idea of a substantial audience.

Terry Southern
In the very beginning, I wrote a short story about a girl in Greenwich Village who got involved with a hunchback because she was such a good Samaritan.

Ron Sukenick
Hyperfiction is the scraps from the table of the culture feast that you bring home in your avant-pop DOGGY BAG.

Ron Sukenick (update)

Gregory Ulmer
The task for intellectuals now is similar to the one undertaken at the beginning of the modern age--to take the new vulgate (world popular culture emerging in electronic media) and forge it into a discourse capable of supporting and extending the fullest powers of intelligence, both personal and collective.

The Veterans
To use the CD-ROM for artistic purposes was the goal we all had in common and that brought us finally together.

William T. Vollmann
Why I'm interested in prostitutes is because they have everything interesting in life all together: there's love, sex, and money. What more do you want?

Ania Walwicz
When I actually deliver my work I do become an actor, or a singer, that sort of diva position through using the cadences of my voice.

Curtis White
Let's face it. Corporations have won. The odds are hopeless. We're just keeping ideas alive, and a few literal and conceptual autonomous zones active.

Paul Williams
You have to be independent from the music business system when you want to write about the art.

Stephen Wright
[Art] is about as outrageous and murderous an act a person can do short of really doing one physically.