The police hassled us occasionally. Whenever they would approach us Andy would throw away his mild "speed" pills, Orbitol, and we'd have to go looking for them when the cops left. One day Viva came home with a cop in tow. She'd been stopped in La Jolla for walking around in a vaguely see-through blouse. We sort of charmed the cop and referred him to our host, the judge, just in case he wanted to carry things further. That might have been a disadvantage if Viva had dropped the judge's baby on the tile patio while we were filming. I caught the infant just before it hit the pavement. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the camera didn't catch this near disaster.

At one point I found myself paying for the groceries for the whole house. I could never tell if Andy had any money or not. He always pretended or seemed to be broke. I did mention I laid out some money, and Andy said, "Oh, Fred (or Paul), you must reimburse Taylor. He shouldn't be paying for the groceries." They knew I was always broke.

The weather was great. We also had the use of a house on the beach. Our main house was on a golf-course. The days flew by, and we were soon headed back to NYC. Andy, Ingrid Superstar, and I went back together. On the way to the airport Ingrid broke down and began to cry. I forget why. I think she was in love with Joe D'Alessandro or Eric Emerson or somebody we left behind or who was going elsewhere, probably L.A.. Andy said: "Ingrid, don't cry--you're not with your family; you're with friends!" This sounded terribly peculiar at the time and still does.

On the plane returning to New York, Andy gave me his full attention and outlined my future for the coming year, which included publishing my next book, letting me use the Factory equipment to make a film, appearances on national TV, a record, etc...I was to be the year's super-superstar.

But a few days after we returned Andy was shot. I was devastated and cried for a week. At the same time I've often thought if she hadn't done it I might have. We all heard the obvious stories that he'd broken promises to her, or lost her manuscript for a play etc..