This is about you. This is your story. In which you come to realize that you're subject to strange powers out of your control.

This is what happens: you're working at your screen when all of a sudden it goes blank and you get a communication in hand writing that goes, the porn police are tapped into your modem through the phone line, watch your ass. That's cool, that somebody out there is looking after you, but it's also uncool because you happen to know that under the federal Rico law they can confiscate all your property on a pornography rap. You try to chill out but the problem is you got the hots for cyberporn and now you're out in the cold. You may now have to get back into the nit and grit of realtime sex and out of the clean trouble free world of virtual sex. Crabs, clap, herpies, AIDS, pregnancy, harrassment, rape, date rape, no means no, yes means no, no means yes, yes means maybe, maybe means give it to me baby, give it to me baby means rape me, rape me means you're a sexual offender, three strikes you're out.

You click on your cyberporn partner and go into chat mode. What to do? Your cyberporn partner says it's totally pissed off. It says realtime sex is a jungle while cybersex is safe sex. It says that before cybersex it was always getting into trouble with the authorities, if it wasn't one authority it was another authority, someone was always on its ass for something or other, in fact it was often on its own ass. So what were they trying to accomplish?

It had a point, you type.

Right, it types back. It's got to where it even prefers cyberporn. Cyberfantasy is rehabilitating masturbation. Less trouble, more imaginative. Engages your mental powers, trains the mind. Once they actualize simstim meat sex will be out the window anyway. Meat sex will be for making babies. And even there if it's too much trouble you can check into a sperm bank.

It was smart, you find yourself thinking. You've had this thought before. You were getting genuinely fond of your cybermate. Sometimes you wondered whether it was a girl or a boy, even though that was a no-no. A no-no because not knowing left more options open. And open options was one of the big plusses of cybersex.

So what are we going to do? you type.

Interactivity, it types.



Which is?

Use your head. It's all inside, it types. Invisible. There's nothing they can do about it.

Show me.

Hold on:

		she     and he     around her neck.     brought Ram     naked     manacled    
gagged.     to wall     front of the bed. She     Ram already had     when     the
Colonel     and made her suck     she saw that Ram's     straight out. The Colonel was
    just a foot from where Ram     made her stand right in front     while he    
breasts     then     thighs     spread     his finger
	She saw     Ram's     now     up, a little pearl of     dripping     tip. She felt
ashamed that     when the Colonel     but she     very big.     watching Ram as    
could tell     desperate. She was now     gasping     couldn't control     mounting
pleasure     wondering at how well he     even as she    began     spasms     Ram
writhing     helpless.     no doubt     from her moans and cries as she     felt it
jerking     pour out     in her     
		over, Ram     his hands still     hustled out.     She        quickly    
naked in her cell.    
Whoa, cool dude. That's hot.

You like? it types.


Plenty more:

	When     long bath     Ram, no longer gagged     allowed to lick her anywhere    
exciting her for     as she watched Ram's tongue and his rapidly engorging     . This
time he could see she wanted     made her beg     let her suck Ram's as he     with
his     from behind     all three     even Bruno whimpering as they all
		when she     growling and whining, and saw that     rigid, glistening and
obscenely pink, from its furry     enormous black     hanging     and with her leash  
  to the desk, her     spread     exposed     ass in the air.     led the dog    
guiding     no hesitation.     edge of panic     penetration, odd     like a hot
tongue, but     swelling to fill     its moist, furry base     at just the right angle
soon     overcame her     and her obvious pleasure communicating     men watching    
excited even more.     quick, nervous thrusts     its saliva     sense of alien
invasion     heightened by its growls     she knew she was going to     couldn't
believe that an animal
	When she felt it     she too, involuntarily     But it didn't     remained still,
panting     soon     as hard as     Now beyond     she began     again and again,
almost continuously       time had no meaning     another realm     
	When she came to     the Colonel's     in her mouth, and she automatically    
until he     Then, faced still smeared     quickly     back in her cell.   
Whoa! I could get off on that!

Haven't you already? it types.

I have to admit     soon     again     more
See, you're doing it too. It's a virus.
Where     You?
No, but there's plenty more where that came from.
Tell     want     right away
Ron Sukenick's DOGGY BAG: HYPERFICTIONS it types.
		run out     buy
And as I say, there's nothing they can do about it. It's invisible, it types. It's all in your head.
Unless      censoring      head.
How would they do that? it types.
	     computer chip     buttock     anti-imagination electrodes
Then we just transmit an anti-electrode virus, it typed.
	     on and on     alien forces     beyond control
What do you expect? it types. It never ends. Keep on hacking.