......An interveiw with Solipsis.....

Q: What is your purpose Solipsis?
A: Purposelessness.
Q: Is this to say you are interested in Zen and Taoist cliche's.
A: Yes, Of course, all cliche' interests me, especially flesh.
Q: Why is flesh a cliche'.
A: This is only one way of speaking. Another term issued from Solipsis might be Ubiquitous.
Q: But isn't flesh a highly localized terrestrial phenomenon, and as such highly unubiquitous in cosmic terms. Even Fantastically scarce?
A: Even Space is Flesh.
Q: Or all thought is conduit, paralogical flesh, of oblique inquiry made by a body without organs simply by exisiting, cause and effect united into the zygote mind of universal [!?!]. Molecular Irreducibility....
A: The "Ultimate Cause" is rationalized in legend by an alleged irreligious act of the seventeenth King or Mai of Kanem, one Dunama, (ca. 1220-1260 A.D.) who is supposed to have "laid the foundations for the ensuing disaster of the Empire by opening the sacred talisman of Bornu" which subsequently provoked men of ambition to entreat against the state. It may or may not be true, but it is very likely not the entire explanation even if we were to know what the "sacred talisman" was -which we do not; knowledge of its meaning and content have long since disappeared.
Q: And what do you think this "Sacred Talisman" is.... the jewelled net of Thoth, the countersignifying regime of Dunama, the heretic king of 13th century Nigeria, the DNA caduceus of Hermes, the overarching cherub of William Blake, the collective unconscious, the thirteen beards of the Macroprosopus...? (laughing) THE INTERNET....Gaia...Sex???
A: These are all only words, and words are one thing used to point at another. Using words is like taking a feather and pointing it at a bird. Yes, there is a distinct relationship, but what is the meaning... I can see the relationship. Language is one expression of Matter, and Matter is an expression of energy... Meaning or lack of it is in no way contingent on any form of Language. All matter has meaning. And yet this is a way of saying nothing at all, because all Matter is Language, and all meanings are interchangeable, hence the empty mathematics of cliche', a kind of truth floats there for all to problems of Society.
Q: In other words Semiotics?
A: In other words.....
Q: Solipsis, Why have you come to call yourself Great Skull Zero?
A: It is because I am an Unknown King whose toilet is Teocalli, that is to say, I SHIT DOWN GOD'S THROAT! My Throne is a temple! This too refers to the empty mathematics of word, the something-word of religion and state, and the nothing-word of the madman and the shaman. Every State was once a madman! Every Religion was once a shaman... I am the O, the Zero in Void, in V.O.I.D. as in Victory over Identity, or Value the Onion-Id, Verify oraculate involute dream. There is no reason, but my reason.
Q: What is the Secret Society of XOCFISH? A: This is a group of modern shamans who seek to destroy all forms of government and replace it with a kinetic expressionism, a sculptural-event, the molecular equivalent of a random self-organizing equation, a protoplasmic-society. A mutagenesis.
Q: How do you intend to achieve this?
A: By opening the Sacred Talisman OF "Born-You"....

Thank You, Solipsis
Your Welcome, Great Skull Zero...