1. newspapers -- old model -- losing demographics -- young readers no longer look to newspapers as sources of info becuz they now get their info thru mostly TV entertainment sources ie multi-media infotainment sources. So: how do newspapers maintain or enhance their future readerships, especially if their future readerships are gathering most of their multi-media infotainment from online sources.

  2. enter the growth-spurt of online publishing networks like the Boulder-based Alt-X. Alt-X explores and reports on the new media by creatively investigating the birth-trends of meaning as they evolve in the mediascape. the mediascape is more than the online world but when viewed on something like Alt-X is *experienced* as a globally-interlinked online activity. how can this *experience* be more interactive than the present-day models of information-gathering?

  3. right now the infotainment landscape is pretty dreary but spicing up the langauge and filtering it through the innovative narrative applications that permeate the electrosphere may be the most interesting development of the last 100 years and could point the way toward the growing importance of fiction writing and its ability to not only disguise itself as creative non-fiction but also to disseminate altered forms of the various renegade truths that try to sustain themselves in our culture (for example, Nicole Simpson is dead, butchered by a knife -- but at the check out counter at the local grocery superstore, where the drones line-up with baskets full of butchered beef, the tabloids have her dressed in a very sexy, skin-exposed silk dress with a headline that suggests she was a sex-addict [and therefore deserved it?] --- why hasn't the New York Times picked up on this like they did Gennifer Flowers?). no longer wed to the predisposition of objectivity as enforced by the who how what and where of old-time newspaper reporting, something like an Alt-X can use the detritus of culture to build a tower of babble -- like Watt's Tower -- garbage in garbage out. it's the garbage out that will solidify our reputations for us.

  4. all the news that's fit to be tied is really the desire of data to be linked into an ever-expanding efflorescence of niche communities finding their way into the electrosphere where the new distribution phenemonon is taking shape. freely-formed demo-graphics and freely-expressed demo-linguistics is what the First Amendment is all about. now let's do the multi-media new age shaman dance and beat our drums in unison. the multi-media new age shaman dance will lose itself in The Holy Trance. The Holy Trance is the mesmerization of fluid Capital moving at speeds so fast the buzz of its White Noise is imaginatively arresting.

  5. The Holy Trance is ours to lose (but we must lose it "together"; all for one and one for super-cali-fragile-istic-info-bahn-desire-that-never-gets-fulfilled...oh well).

  6. the goddess of electricity has a serious Electra complex. she wants to jolt the old man out of bed and give him serious inpho-head just so he will awaken in someone else's stead. but the old man is dead. the goddess, meanwhile, is just being born...

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