In Memoriam to Post-Modernism

  1. Smells Like Avant-Pop:
    An Introduction, Of Sorts

  3. 13 Introductory Ways of Looking at a Post-Postmodernist Aesthetic Phenomenon Called 'Avant-Pop'
  4. Narrative Immersion
  5. The Literature of Information
  6. An Essay-Simulacrum on Avant-Pop
  7. A Mysterious Manifesto
  8. That's What Zipper-Bustin' Avant-Pop [Mom] Is All About

  9. The Rebirth of the Author--A Celebration of the "Young Writer"
  10. One story: present tense spaces of the heart
  11. Avant-Pop: You're Kidding
    or The Real Begins Where The Spectacle Ends
  12. Strategies of Disappearance:
    or, Why I Love Dean Martin
  13. Creative Masochism As An Approach To Comparative Avant-Pop
  14. The Rise of Avant-Pop
  15. Avant-Pop at the Border