FILMTEXT: AN ORIGINAL WWW SOUNDTRACK is an experimental performance for spoken word and electronics that utilizes a small cluster of PC Laptops, mixing board, portable MiniDisc recorders, portable cd players, scanners, various delay and Midi-verb units, a Sherman FilterBank, and microphones. It features the improvisational collaborations of net artist Mark Amerika and the electronic sound composers Twine.

The world premiere of this perfomance took place in Lucerne, Switzerland, as part of the LIOS festival under the direction of Adi Blum. The story, a cross between Robert Musil's "The Man Without Qualities" and the kind of experimental soundscapes Twine is noted for (along with other composers like Autechre, Oval, and Vladislav Delay), samples data collected in the local environment the days leading up to the performance (in this case, Lucerne), and manipulates these sounds to layer the ongoing WWW soundtrack that influences the live-writing and web-surfing session Amerika projects on a huge screen behind the performers.

The performance is structured so that Amerika is both a narrative vocalist as well as raw "source material" that gets remixed into the environmental sounds being generated by the composers and their machines. Methodically pursuing a practice of surf-sample-manipulate, the artists use all possible digital source material at their disposal to create an on-the-fly sound narrative remix.

As Amerika describes it in a dialogue with UK novelist Jeff Noon on Rhizome, "I'm just wondering how to take some of these ideas (techniques) and use them to amplify these writerly effects in live performance. I found that using the net, the WWW, was very helpful. So that in Lucerne, while we were doing the live, improvisational sound-writing remix, I was also projecting my laptop's wireless connection to the WWW and grabbing data off the network in real-time and sampling what I needed from it right into the new story, remixing as I wrote it, and then using the sounds to further distort the narrative's generative meaning (or meaning-potential)."

net.performance.samples in mp3 format:

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Lucerne (Inside the Grand National Hotel) (2.3 MB)

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