portrait of the groundAir-trust over yellow, blocked flats. Proud refuge lick-down white oven foam, the world eating wisdom, portholes to escape. Eligible images slide. Suggestive tugs, shipping tugs overseas - dunghills, fox-holes, mist gray,Bristol. Stench of the twenty twenty. Stench in a bounce off the lip. Throw dirt again hollow affair kicks in, athousand - ten thousand - corpuses, laughter.

Thick whispers of pull in the curtain.

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Sample, x-sample, second-hand erotic. Odors slip in through second-hand grit, burnt petunias and cloth, ironcurtains. Purse, curse, trunks, iron curtains - religious pedestrians, loud outdoor parties - residentialsentiments, beloved security - and a pair doing up on the shine. Bright pair seen before scene again. Mutestates of pure and priceless in particular mood in a vast pool of time.

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