What is Degenerative Prose?

Degenerative Prose is 150 pages of outlaw writing with a terrorist heart. Packaged as a special 10th anniversary double-issue of Black Ice magazine, the missives published here represent an explosive mix of avant-pop fiction, e-mail viruses, anti-aesthetic manifestos, dissident comix, aberrant essays, eloquent rants, mock interviews and phony contributor notes. An interventionist attack on the banality of mainstream culture, Degenerative Prose tears down the reign of genre and dares the reader to use these previously unpublished narrative strategies to deconstruct all the digital hype permeating the sonic landscape. A witch's brew of cult-writing stirs within these pages, and includes characters with names like R.U. Sirius, Mark Amerika, Derek Pell, Eurudice, Ron Sukenick, Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Bob's Media Ecology, Terry Southern, Rikki Ducornet, and Steve Katz.

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About the editors:

Mark Amerika is the author of two cult-classics, The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood. He is the founder of Alternative-X, an on-line publishing network located on the Internet at http://www.altx.com.

Ron Sukenick is one of the acknowledged Postmodern masters and is author of many books including Doggy Bag, 98.6 and Blown Away.

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