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Alt-X has been receiving rave reviews from an eclectic mix of publications. Here's a sample of what they've been saying about us:

"The best site on the web for cutting-edge fiction, criticism and hypertext..." - Details

"An insurgent cell in the heart of the vast digicosmos of corporate info-spamming and vapid techno-babble...its unique value to writers and readers alike lies in the remarkable quality of the work already posted there." - Utne Reader

"The literary publishing model of the future..." - Publishers Weekly

"Brush shoulders with dissident post-punk literati while perusing new work from all corners of the belletristic, counterculture essays on literature vis-a-vis computers, rock, and 'avant-pop' culture keep the energy high (closer to a poetry slam than a classroom) and intellectually provocative." - Wired

"The sub-pop of literature." - SPIN

"This is the future...Alt-X is redefining the publishing world in all sorts of ways." - The Observer

"Visionary can't go wrong." - The Web Magazine (Hot Five Picks)

"The hottest literary broadcast on the World Wide Web!" - Bay Guardian

"Part electronic publishing company focused on the 90's alternative scene and part cultural coffee underground coffeehouse--but there aren't any door checks to see if you're wearing the obligatory black, and no attitude is required." - NetGuide

"The new Literary MTV!" - Kreuzer Magazine

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