distributed drama

Ayu is also the name of the heroine in a recent best selling mobile phone novel set in Tokyo. Deep Love, Ayu no Monogatari (Deep Love, the Story of Ayu) by Yoshi. "[t]een heroine Ayu engages in enjo kosai (a euphemism for teen prostitution) in Shibuya, contracts AIDS, and dies. Along the way, she encounters a lonely widow, a dog with its tongue cut out, and a boy who needs a heart operation. Yoshi first started writing this tale in 1999 to attract people to his Web site, publishing the book himself until he got an offer from a regular book publisher."[1] The story was self-published in installments on a website that sells content for mobile phones (ring tones, icons, java games). Readers could use their phones to key in plots that seemed to build/write a (co(l)laborative) story via the internet. The laboratory is everywhere. Now the story is in film production.[2] That there is a metaphoric or symbolic connection between the feminine and fish is something shared by many cultures. In 1989 I tore this set of frames from a manga left in a Japanese laundry. I must've been washing baby clothes.
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