sweetfish of prophecy

The favoured method for cooking Ayu is to thread the whole fish onto a stick (the fish is quite small), dust it with salt and stand it vertically, tail upright, into a bed of hot coals inside a brazier. There are two methods of threading; entry through eye or, entry through mouth. The fish I saw on the banks of Yoshinogawa River in Shikoku, were prepared by the mouth method. The brazier was a forty four gallon oil drum. Each fish cost ¥200. This image is not a diagram (too many nouns), but the insertion of the ayu into this text is diagrammatic. I can't justify that yet but I'll see what happens. It's to do some how with taste and with time and with tourist walking. The life cycle of the Ayu is very short, it's ancient name is nen-gyo, (year-fish).