Who Are We This Time Amerika Online


In our CNN hotel overlooking the Mediterranean in Giardini-Naxos (the first Greek colony in Sicily), the international satellite news comes on and we are utterly shocked to see that the headline story takes place in our own home town of Boulder. The city spokesperson is made to look like a fool who is holding back information but we know this spokesperson and know that they are no fool and that this is how the media elite feed on the generic imagination's need to create a mysterious story whose promised resolution only increases this generic imagination's appetite for even more sensational tripe. We think we understand what the spokesperson is trying to say to the throngs of cameras that eventually steal all of our souls for us so that we need not ever worry again about the grave nature our future life resolves itself with (CHELSEA GIRLS was especially good at showing us this, and now we wonder if maybe our 15 minutes of fame hasn't overextended its unnecessary stay):