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Who Are We This Time

Mark Amerika

We make our home in Boulder, Colorado, a small university town where we average one murder a year. This year's murder has been adopted by the ravenous international media elite as a story worth covering. The victim, as most people who watch TV or read newspapers know, was six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, a beauty queen winner dressed to look a lot like a twentysomething sexpot whose parents are ultra-rich and live in one of the safest, most desirable residential areas in Amerika. The conservative media elite have not been able to hold themselves back. With all of the surrounding mystery and bizarre details of stolen photos, semen spots, family-values media consultants, playfuck torture games "that have been played before the murder," not to mention the specter of a beyond-fiction exuberance flashing itself in the supermarket aisles that our people buy their food in, we have become the most talked about place in the national news (forget Bosnia, forget Hebron, forget Harlem, Southeast L.A. and Gary, Indiana).