Who Are We This Time Amerika Online

We are spending Thanksgiving in Paris walking around looking at all the Mickey Mouse and Pablo Picasso brand name souvenirs that are being hawked all over the place. And look here, a post-structuralist doll that runs without batteries!

"Pardon," we say, "but can we have one of those dry Baudrillard remarks and a Miro poster." We are standing on a small street named after Andre Breton. It is right near the shopping malls of Les Halles and the wind is blowing so strong it almost blows off our L.L. Bean winter hat.

Nobody is paying attention to us and we are considering ducking out of the weather and entering the Beaubourg (the Beaubourg recently called us on the phone in Boulder and wanted to know about our GRAMMATRON CD-ROM and could they exhibit it. We told them that GRAMMATRON was a network installation and could we think about the implications of *that*. We are still waiting for a reply).