Who Are We This Time Amerika Online


We are back guest-lecturing on hypermedia theory at the prestigious Ivy League institution whose students, it is said, are the most unique crop of future-providers in all of the university world. Harvard grads go to Wall Street. Brown grads go to MTV (don't even ask how this elite group of minds is selected to attend this intellectual playground). But when, in the middle of our lecture, we refer to hypermedia network publishing as a kind of "literary MTV," the claws come at us. The reference is bogus, we are told. There soon follow rants against labels such as Generation-X and the way the media jump on stories and murder them to death (is this tautological? how about "murder them to deaf"? As Pink Floyd says: Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying...). A great theoretical debate ensues that brings one of the participants to the point of a declaiming: "I'm in search of a definite self." When it gets to this point we are not sure what to say, but we uncontrollably blurt out: "Well, when you find it, please email us the URL and we'll check it out!"