On June 12, 1996 a Philadelphia court ruled that the Communications Decency Amendment (CDA), Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, was unconstitutional. As justification for their ruling the court stated that the Internet may fairly be regarded as a never-ending worldwide conversation that cannot and should not be intruded on.

ebr salutes the ruling, and in the spirit of continuing the global conversation, presents a new feature devoted to author follow-up and reader feedback. Our title for this feature: riPOSTe--since readers are "posting" replies, preferably with a critical edge and a light touch. We invite you to send in your comments and reactions to the work presented. These comments can be short or long (although we prefer shorter). Respondents may go toe-to-toe with authors and other respondents, arguing the validity of particular points, but preference will be given to riPOSTes that keep an issue alive by taking an argument in new directions.


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