Beauty & The Teased

What do you want him to say?

I want him to tell me that I'm beautiful.

Andy, do you think she's beautiful?


Can you say it in a sentence?

Yeah, I think she's beautiful.

Okay, but say it to her, not me.

I think you're beautiful.

Oh. That was really meaningful.

What does Andy have to say to make it meaningful?

I don't know. Look, it's really depressing that it's so fucking difficult for him.

Then why don't you tell him why this is so important to you.

Oh my god. I can't believe this. How can he have sex with me if I'm not attractive to him? How can this not be totally obvious? This is so degrading to have to beg for compliments.

I think if Andy understood your feelings then he would be more apt to express his own.

Because if I'm not dating, and I'm not modeling, then my prettiness isn't worth anything if it doesn't turn Andy on. I mean, I'm getting ripped off. I feel unappreciated, like I'm not getting as much attention as I could be. If I give up flirting with other men then I have to at least know that I have power over Andy. And if he'd just tell me I'm beautiful, then I'd feel it.

I think that's why I don't want to tell her.

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