I go to my bathroom,and lean over the sink and get my face so close to the mirror that I can barely see past my eyebrows.

Mom Says To Aim For A Nice Arc

Today there are no hairs poking out, so I have to look for hairs under my skin, and dig them out. I make a small, bloody hole, and at the center is the tip of a new hair, and I yank it.

Some days I go to school with scabs around my eyebrows. Once I sat for my school picture with no eyebrows. But people only asked what happened to my bangs, which I cut myself the day before.

My dad has been sort of watching me for the past twenty minutes while I tweeze. "You know," he says, "there's a saying. If it's not broken don't fix it."

I write that down. Then I go back to tweezing.

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