.... A couple of months ago, plus a couple of weeks ago, I was in LA. And had I not been in LA, I would have never known that Ron Goldman's best friend was murdered, because it didn't run back east. He's walking down the street with a lady, and two dudes run up and say "It's a stickup!" Shoot him dead, don't take nothing from him, and don't bother her. Then three newspapers reporters reporting on the O. J. Simpson Trial end up dead mysteriously. When I was in Jamaica, about three months ago (it was on a Wednesday), and I was looking at CNN. I do news like drug addicts do dope. CNN said four people (were) killed today in the LA crime lab. Boom. OK. I stay up the rest of the night, waiting. I hear nothing else. I live outside of Boston, and read the Boston Globe. I called up my wife the next day...and told her what I heard, and she said: "Yes, I heard it come over the news once, but they went out of their way to say it had nothing to do with the O. J. Simpson Trial." I told her to get the morning paper...it read, four people killed in an office building in LA. Later, when I get back...I see a couple of stories that say four people (were) killed in a building that housed the LA crime lab.

That was the same Wednesday that Judge Ito cried and released court because a friend of his who had been a deputy sheriff had been murdered. This guy was associated with the O. J. Simpson Trial. You see this whole piece. And the press won't put it together, because you don't expect the press to put things together. But you use your common God-given sense, and say "Now, wait a minute! I know that America doesn't care anything about poor people getting killed.... So why are they playing up this thing up like Queen Elizabeth has stabbed Prince Charles to death?" You start seeing things that don't make any sense. Here's a judge that's having a case whose name wasn't on the original list. They went out of their way to get (Judge Ito). If I got a Dream Team defense as my council, and the cops are going to frame me, and your going to leave a judge (there), when you can knock that judge off. Let that judge sit there who says that his wife is the number one ranking women with the police department. And who I'm saying framed me. Give me a break!

You start seeing interesting things when the judge starts picking the jury. They have a lottery. He reaches into the box. And what number does he come out with? 0032. That's O. J.'s jersey number. Then we go to the end of the trial, and there's seven seats left for the verdict for the spectators, so he picks the lottery. What number does he pick? 187. Which is the code number for homicide across the country. So you start looking for all this craziness.

Mark Lane and I did a book about the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Because of that book and Mark Lane's ability to muster people together, the Senate and Congress were forced to have Kennedy/King assassination investigations. I mention it because of the book a lot of people started calling us with information. Freddie Prince called me one day, and he came into some information on the Kennedy assassination. I'm trying to tell him my phone is tapped. I told him that I was coming to LA the next day, and I have a fantastic script he might be able to use. He didn't hear me. He kept talking and talking and wondering why I wasn't interested. He died that night. They called it suicide. You know enough about this country that if someone trying to give you some information and they fall dead the next day, that's no accident.

I say that to say this: John Belushi called Mark Lane and said "I have some information to share with you about the Kennedy assassination." So Mark called me. I couldn't rearrange my schedule. They were supposed to meet in Detroit. The night before they were supposed to meet, John Belushi was murdered, with that overshot of drugs, and that woman from Canada. If you're sitting where I'm sitting, that's a CIA hit. Who's the Canadian woman's lawyer? Robert Shapiro.

If you look at Marcia Clark. Her first husband was on the Israeli air force, and he's a lightweight alcoholic and gambling thug. So she divorces him. Her second husband is Gordon Clark who comes out of the church of Scientology, and they were married by one of the high priests in the church of Scientology, named Bruce Roman. Bruce Roman, for some unknown reason, ends up shooting her first husband in the head. And as we talk he lays somewhere in LA a vegetable. None of that is important except that Bruce Roman's lawyer for that case was Robert Shapiro. So when does conflict of interest kick in? So when you're armed with all this, you start to see this whole manipulation.

People call me. I do radio shows all over the country, and they say "Look, what do you think about white folks reaction?" I understand. It was manipulated. White folks don't understand. There was two trials: there was one trial going on for the jury, and one trial going on for the masses. Why would 41 tapes of Fuhrman saying "Nigger".... It is not the N-word to me. It's nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger. When Jesse Jackson said "Hymietown" they didn't refer to that as the H-word. It's kind of interesting. If all of us lived in Russia now, we would think that all those black folks in America are crazy. Because we heard that they got upset because someone said N-word. So Russians look up N-word in the dictionary, and they find out it's the X amount letter in the alphabet.

Suppose that we were on a jury, and we heard a woman say that she had one miscarriage. Then they shut the jury down, and for the television cameras and the rest of the world, we hear that same woman say that she had twenty-two abortions. We the jury don't know that! When we come back, and the case is over, we are wondering why everyone is reacting to this woman. This is what is going on! It's a manipulation. They can create a racist document by asking black folks and white folks (what they think). More Chicanos live in LA than black folks. Nobody's ever polled them to know what they think about the O. J. Simpson Trial. They have never polled women as women to find out what they think.

Ain't it funny? Nobody has asked black folks what we think about Cuba. Or what we think about Bosnia. If I went to black folks and said make like you're going on a picnic next week, what's the first five things you put in your picnic basket. And then I say the same thing to white folks. Look at the difference! So anytime you want to manipulate that difference. I was looking at Geraldo when the verdict came in. I was surprised. I thought that they would find him guilty. He would be killed in jail, and they would make it look like suicide.

I suspected how in LA county where there's only 4% black folks, how nine got on the jury? That has always bothered me. When there was Rodney King, we couldn't get none. How come we can't get any black folks? Well, they just won't show up. We tried everything: we tried barbecue ribs, watermelon, we even tried naked white women, it just ain't coming. Somewhere when you think about all the odd things that have happened. What we saw when that trial ended. That was act one. Act two will be in a few minute. It's the whole manipulation of how they're doing it, and why they're doing it, I don't know.