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edited by Mark Amerika


Why Clinton's Foreign Policy Shows He's Good In Bed by Euridice

Weird Republicans by Norman Conquest

Fuck the Community by Stephen Metcalf

A Visit To The Invisible College by The London Spy

Jack Kerouac is Alive and Dead by Ron Sukenick

Further States of the Art: The Electronic Disturbance by Phil Leggiere

Black Revolutionaries Without a Revolution by James Cook

Sensitive Pony-Tail Man by James Cook

Oklahoma City: First Salvo in a Culture Wars? by Martin Schecter

The O.J. Conspiracy by Dick Gregory

The Revolution Will Not Be On-Line by Glen Brand

Spy's Corner by Terry Southern

Stranded in the Jungle by Steve Shaviro


Tactics, Psychosis, and Techno-Contaminants by Matthew Fuller

Rights in Cyberspace by Gomma

The Italian Crackdown by Gomma

Surfing the Internet:
with Rosie Cross, McKenzie Wark, Bruce Sterling, Elise Mathieson,
John Perry Barlow, Dale Spender, Amy Bruckman, Geoff Huston and Robert David Steele

How To Mutate & Take Over The World by R.U. Sirius & St. Jude

Down And In by Ron Sukenick

In(side)Out by Michael Tawa

As Meaningless as a Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach: Art as an Intelligent Game by Thomas Irmer

Deathmetal Technomutant Morphing by Lance Olsen

Lab Rats A Go Go by Matthew Fuller


Zen and the Art of the Mosh Pit by James Cook

Turning The Knobs by Eugene Thacker

The Residents by Larry Kay

No More Rock'n'Roll by Stewart Home


Post Modern Fiction and Oppositional Art by Ron Sukenick

Is there such a thing as gay fiction? by Bruce Benderson

FEDERMANIA: email missives from the postsurfictional moinous by Raymond Federman

Orbituary For Heiner Muller by Thomas Irmer

Liminary Notice by Jacques Servin

Incantion for Memory by Peter Plate

Story by Brenda Ludeman

...Outside It Snows by Jyanni Steffensen

Here by Teri Hoskin

Post-Angelic Musings by Nile Southern

The Shooting of Andy Warhol by Taylor Meade

My Neuroses by Alfred Vitale

The Book of War by Knut Mork

Confessions of A Beer Mystic by Bart Plantegna

Black (Bedlam) by Rohit Lekhin

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant by Steve Shaviro

On Carol White by Steve Shaviro

Wishing by Gregory Ulmer & Linda Marie Walker

Self-Review of Anarcho-Hindu by Curtis White

Licking the Salt: Speed & Surface by Peter Bishop

Norway & the Avant-Pop: Why Me? by Knut Mork

Yoga for Postmoderns by Don Webb


Sex and Religion: A Degenerate's Perspective by Bruce Benderson

Cyberporn by Ron Sukenick

MTV Feminists by James Cook

Masturbation, Education, and the Billary Complex by Lori Gluck

A Sex Magic Primer by Don Webb

Alt-Sex by Lori Gluck

Passion, Heels, & Leather by Tosh Berman

UFO Abductions, etc by Steve Shaviro

Talk Dirty To Me by Euridice