Jack Kerouac Is Alive And Dead from 98.6

It's one of those days one of those enchanted days that justifies their idea. The sky is blue the air crisp and they know they're right their only regret is that more people don't see fit to get out of it once and for all and live this way. Some kind of magic is at work everyone gets along so well they don't even need to talk they communicate by empathy there are days like this lately. People sing and whistle as they do their jobs hug one another even Ralph is working in the garden. A pink Cadillac bobs down the road like a boat on a choppy sea and stops in the clearing the driver gets out a tall thin greying man in grey business suit and steel rimmed glasses. Everyone stops what he's doing the man looks around approaches Bud and Branch I'm looking for George he says. What for they say. I'm his father Hey it's Lance's father come on in Where's Lance at says Wind. Not Lance George says Lance's father I'm George's father.

You used to be George's father say Bud and Branch. Now you're Lance's father.

Oh really.

He's changed his name.

Oh really.

Who's here sings Blossom from the other end of The Monster.

Lance's father.

Lance has a father asks Blossom.

Lance comes in Hi he says.

Hello George thought I'd visit.

They call me Lance here.

Oh really.

Sit down.

I've been sitting in the car. So this is it.

Yes we built it.

Still doing carpenter's work.

That's what I am a carpenter. Lance introduces everybody just then Cassiopeia drifts through without any clothes on And this is Cassiopeia says Lance.

Oh really.

Can you stay for dinner.

No. He sits down. Lance sits down. Neither say anything for a while.

I hear the Lakers are winning says Lance.

Yes they're way ahead.

Again silence Lance's father drums on the arm of his chair. He looks around his lips pressed tight. Suddenly his mouth curls open Stupid he snarls.

You and your kind sneers Lance his face flushed.

Again silence. After a while Lance's father asks You need money.

You know I don't take money.

Still fighting the revolution.


Responsibility Lance's father begins.

The hell with it says Lance. Dawn comes over This is Dawn my old lady.

Oh really.

Dawn sits down.

Mother says Lance.

You ask about your mother.

Ah shit.

There's a long silence. Finally Dawn says You're a lot alike. They both glare at her murderously. After a while Lance's father looks at his watch.

What time is it says Lance.

Time for you to get a hair cut.

It's people like you begins Lance.

I have to leave says Lance's father he gets up. Nice seeing you George. When are you coming home for a visit.

When they bury you.

Grow up George. You never did. Too much masturbation I suppose.

I'll come to piss on your grave.

Grow up son. That's all I ask. It's never too late. Lance's father trudges off to his car. Dawn takes Lance's hand it's shaking. You didn't have to say that.

Lance shrugs.

You are a lot alike.

Lance gets up and peers into one of Valley's mirrors. Then he picks up a candlestick and smashes the glass. Two three times. Till all the glass is gone and the mirror gives back nothing but opacity.