We were wish. I remembered. Black like a white picket fence or a row of teeth. A (dis)place (for us). He did ("the others never / brought me too much luck..."). Heated. Double chamber of, "It is already the memory." He mimes or minds it. For those who watch. Since in a net I seek. Who comes to life inside her portrait. Who comes to like. If the word you see, he suggested, suggests mimesis. Why couldn't we laugh, care o' me o'? "[I]n the final analysis what happens is nothing." Act it out. Cracked surface (tongued to reflect): we were wish (we were). A little plot, of grass. Flesh. A (sweet) confusion of limbs or How much did you catch? Why couldn't he say what we meant. Struggle to articulate, act, under the 'rain' or 'reign' of blows: these events…--these events. Are--tick--you late? Swan's process: a carbon process believed to be the first of the permanent printing processes...that was commercially successful. Steeled, what steals us. View-finder. Wet-plate. At once screen and mirror. What keeps