Musing the Obscure
Dedicated to Ron Sukenick, 1932 - 2004, Founding editor of Black Ice Online and Alt-X Press

Scream of Consciousness
Cracking the sorcerer-code

Changing of the Garde
New defamiliarizations of structure and meaning

Body Parts
The Inside Scoop: fluids, mucous, and masses of muscles

Standard Deviations
Lying within a not unexpected distance from the mean

Collector's Issue
Our online collector's issue

Subliminal CodeX, Volume I and Volume II
Alterna-friendly textures stroking the mind

The Dark Black Series
Interior places / exterior vision

Instant Fix
Pieces under 250

Neuromantic Fiction
Nervous words / divine pertubation

Artificial Dissemination
Seed concepts / mortal fictions

Constructing the meta-glitch

Dirty Desires
An Anthology

Web Presence
FC2 and the fiction of now

Black Ice Pix
Hacking into meat, money, movies, sex, politics, and other party favors.

The Body as an Epistemological Site
10 fictions compiled by Lidia Yuknavitch

Editors' Picks I
The best of the best

Editors' Picks II
The best of the best, Volume II

Editors' Picks III
The best of the best, Volume III